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  • Find the best game to suit your mood

    13.06.2013, Perth Now

    The Mensa Brain Test: This app-based game uses genuine Mensa questions to see whether you're a genius. We always spell Minecraft: Yes, the graphics are appalling but that's not the point. The Sims Free Play: What it onto your tablet, and here

  • Sony ignites games console price battle

    11.06.2013, Financial Times

    “$399 – genius. Microsoft messed up on this one, Sony seized the opportunity. €399 and £329. Talked about consumer trust. Well played,” tweeted Michael Pachter, video game analyst with Wedbush Securities. His comments on trust referred to Sony saying

  • Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, June 2013)

    10.06.2013, CNET

    Having a Haswell-generation CPU also gives you Intel's improved HD5000 graphics, which promises improved game performance over last year's HD4000 graphics (itself an improvement over the preceding HD3000, and so on). It's still not anything like having

  • PS4 price, hardware specs, and games detailed: The anti-Xbox One

    11.06.2013, ExtremeTech

    Like the Xbox One and SmartGlass, the PS4 will also allow you to use your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet as a second screen. Exact details on what you can do . idk, for the ps4 exclusives they might optimise it for the ps4 and get better

  • Turning A Basket Case into A Show Case

    08.06.2013, ZimEye Zimbabwe

    He was hailed by friend and foe as a global icon who impactfully transformed multiple industries with his creative genius. In telecoms he gave us the iPhone, in music the iPod, Neither did he create the tablet computer, but through the iPad, he